Bơm Momen - Torque Flow Pumps

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Hãng: EDUR

Xuất xứ: Germany

Mô tả chung
Bơm Momen sản xuất bởi hãng Edur, Đức. Westerntech Việt Nam chuyên cung cấp Bơm Momen hiệu Edur-Germany chất lượng, hàng nhập chính hãng, giá tốt nhất

Chi tiết sản phẩm

Torque-flow pumps in compact bloc-design for the transport of liquids being contaminated with solids or suspensions.
An EDUR multiphase pump system.

Typical liquids to be pumped by torque flow pumps are waste water, cooling agents contaminated with metal chips, abrasive oils and lyes, lime milk and also products that have to be transported with care. Main application of the pumps  are in sewage water plants, treatment systems, recycling processes, washing plants filters, environmental and operation technique. All-purpose pump design insensitive to cavitation conditions.



Torque flow pumps by EDUR pump manufacturer            A torque flow pump made by EDUR pump factory

WesternTech Việt Nam là nhà phân phối các dòng bơm cho DAF của hãng EDUR tại Việt Nam.


Process Reliability
  • transport of liquids with solids
  • insensitive to cavitation conditions
  • products are transported with care
  • insensitive to plait and clot formation
Technical Superiority
  • momentum transfer by means of recessed torque-flow impeller
  • free passages up to 80 mm diameter
  • anti-wear coating and other special executions
Easy Installation
  • optional positions of installation
  • compact pump design
Easy Maintenance
  • pull-back design
  • sturdy execution
  • operating pressure up to 10 bar
  • temperature -40° C up to +140° C
  • viscosity up to 60 mm2/s
  • solids contents up to 15 %