Bơm ly tâm trục ngang đa tầng cánh - Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

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Hãng: EDUR

Xuất xứ: Germany

Mô tả chung
Bơm ly tâm trục ngang đa tầng cánh hãng Edur, Đức. Westerntech Việt Nam chuyên cung cấp Bơm ly tâm trục ngang đa tầng cánh hiệu Edur-Germany chất lượng, hàng nhập chính hãng, giá tốt nhất

Chi tiết sản phẩm
An EDUR multiphase pump system.

Multistage horizontal and vertical high pressure pumps in segmental type design with many variants for clean and slightly polluted liquids.


Main applications of the multistage pumps are booster systems, irrigation systems, boiler feed and condensate systems, washing plants, filter technique, water treatment and hardening systems. By means of auxiliary NPSH- stages NPSH-values up to 0,5 m are being achieved.



WesternTech Việt Nam là nhà phân phối các dòng bơm cho DAF của hãng EDUR tại Việt Nam.



High Energy-Efficiency
  • low velocitiy of flow
  • optimized impeller approach flow
  • low internal friction losses
  • optimized head per stage
Technical Superiority
  • open impellers without axial thrust or balanced closed impellers
  • compensation of radial forces by means of diffuser devices in the annular casing
  • NPSH inducer stages
Process Reliability
  • partial gas supply
  • wide performance curve characteristics
  • flat or steep characteristic curves
  • excellent control mode
Easy Installation
  • modular construction system for customized solutions
  • optional flange positions
  • horizontal or vertical design
  • bloc- or bedplate design Easy Maintenance Application
  • operating pressure up to 64 bar
  • temperature -60° C up to +220° C
  • viscosity up to 115 mm2/s