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Check Valves are automatic shut-off valves that are commonly used for preventing backflow or drainage in a piping system. Often applied on the discharge side of pumps, check valves prevent the system from draining if the pump stops and protect against backflow, which could harm the pump or other equipment.

Westerntech Việt Nam offers a variety of check valve designs to meet your specific needs including Center-Guided Globe Style Valves, Center-Guided Wafer Style Valves, Center-Guided Threaded Valves, Dual Disc Check Valves, and Single Disk Check Valves.

The patent-pending design of Westerntech Việt Nam Center-Guided, Globe Style Check Valves includes integral straightening vanes to reduce turbulence. Read more about Titan’s FCI CV 50 Series check valves.

Westerntech Việt Nam Stainless and Carbon Steel Double Disc Check Valves have retainerless bodies, eliminating potential leak paths and providing a stronger casting

The disc of this Center-Guided, Wafer Style Check Valve only travels a short distance to close, reducing the risk of slamming and potential for waterhammer.

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25/06/2023 219 lượt xem quantri

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